How to Care for your Fresh Produce

Naked Greens are living plants, and with a little care, can be stored dramatically longer than greens that have been cut from their roots. Here’s a few tips on how to care for your Naked Greens when you take them home:

1 A good wash

While our product is grown cleanly and responsibly, it’s still a good idea to give them a rinse with fresh water when you get home. Not only will this wash off any dust or soil that has been knocked loose from the roots, but it will also moisturize the root bundle.

2 Refrigerate

Storing Naked Greens in the refrigerator can extend their shelf life by weeks, maybe more! The vegetable crisper is ideal with it’s higher humidity. No room in the crisper? Just make sure the roots stay hydrated by wrapping them in a reusable plastic bag, wet paper towel or beeswax wrap. If you choose to remove the roots, store your Naked Greens in a reusable bag or produce container after washing them. 

3 Removing the Roots

Some varieties of Naked Greens, such as kohlrabi, will store just fine without their roots. If you choose to remove the roots, safety first. It is best to use a sharp knife, heavy duty kitchen scissors or bypass secateurs. Some roots are very tough, and regular scissors just won’t cut it. For leafy greens, we recommend leaving the roots on and just pulling off as many leaves as you need.

4 Display or countertop storage

Unlike cut greens, Naked Greens can be temporarily stored on a counter or table. By filling a bowl, jar, or vase with fresh water, Naked Greens can be stored for a few days at room temperature. The water should be changed, at a minimum, every second day. Stagnant water is not good for living plants and it can get pretty swampy! Countertop display can save you valuable fridge space and makes an interesting conversation starter. 

Don’t be shy, show off those Naked Greens!