We bring in only the finest sticky peat with fibres that have the perfect amount of water retention and ability to hold shape. This is a large part of why we can use real soil in our hydroponics.


There is an art to the science of growing, and for some things a machine just won’t do. Each soil cube is pressed by hand to ensure the correct density.

Precision Planted

We have special tools like this dibbler that ensure each seed has the perfect distance from soil to surface to give it the best chance at germinating.


We tested a lot of different seeds to ensure that the ones we use are producing the largest, most flavourful, yet consitantly quality greens available.


Each cube gets as many seeds as it needs to succeed. That doesn’t always mean one per cube. Some plants grow better together, and that means bigger bundles of greens for you.


The cube trays are stacked and wrapped to keep in moisture, and wheeled into our custom germination chamber.


Once germinated, the seedlings are brought out to enjoy the sunlight for a bit. At this step, we look for any seeds that didn’t germinate so there are no empty cubes in the ponds.


The seedlings are then transferred to their new homes in the floating rafts. These rafts hold about 10 plants each, and will accommodate the seedling all the way through to maturity.


We hunt for pests daily, and tailor our biocontrol programs as needed. That way we can stop the bad bugs before they get started, minimizing harm to the crops. This means more greens make it to maturity, reducing waste.


Both water and plant quality are checked daily while the plants mature to full size. We believe in the quality of our greens because we keep a close eye on them at every stage.


By the time the rafts finish their month-long journey from one end of the pond to the other, they are ready to go. Each raft is lifted from the pond and plants are carefully removed to keep the roots intact. The roots are wrapped around the cube to keep the moisture in, and then brought directly to you for maximum freshness.

From Seed to Salad and Pond to Plate,
we’ve got you covered!

Go Green & Get Naked!